Northern Marketing Awards 2015

Northern Marketing Awards 2015

Northern Marketing Shortlisted BadgeSpace and Time Media are extremely proud and more than a little excited to announce that two separate campaigns have been shortlisted for the 2015 Northern Marketing Awards.

In the Property and Construction category, Avant Homes’ 2014 Summer Campaign was a beautifully crafted media plan which overlaid non-traditional media such as branded ice creams and Sky Adsmart with property market staples such as portal emailers and leaflet distribution. The campaign made the most of a playful and fun creative execution, and combined broad-spectrum audience segmentation with granular, development-level price band targeting. Over what tends to be a quieter period for property developers, the web traffic, goals and outlet footfall delivered by this campaign were testament to its success.

Shortlisted for the Tourism and Leisure category, Chatsworth House Trust’s 2015 Friends Campaign was one of the first pieces of activity we undertook for this client and was successful beyond anybody’s expectations. Over a 6-week period we combined a leaflet saturation of locations that over-indexed for Chatsworth’s core audience types with a range of high-frequency, low cpm online media. With Facebook in particular we were able to build several different re-targeting and lookalike audiences and split-test multiple creative executions and calls to action. This allowed us to tinker with the campaign in real time, reallocating budgets between audiences, channels and creatives as we went, in order to ensure optimal return on our client’s investment.

The winners will be announced on October 21st. If you could cross all your fingers and toes until then, we’d appreciate it.


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