New Facebook Feature – Automated Rules

New Facebook Feature – Automated Rules

In typical Facebook fashion, a brand new feature has made its way under the radar.

But nothing gets past us for long, and this was picked up by one of our Social Media Executives last week.


It’s called ‘automated rules’ and allows us to set up alerts if certain pre-determined campaign metrics aren’t met.

This is a great new feature for us here at Space & Time, as we deal with multiple campaigns and advert sets on a daily basis.

Although this is a new feature on Facebook, it is something I have been using for quite some time with the Google AdWords accounts that I manage. I frequently use the ‘Custom Alert Management’ feature to notify me when the number of clicks or impressions are falling below a certain amount, or when a conversion percentage dropped sharply. These alerts help me to diagnose major shifts or issues within my campaigns – I found them very handy and I’m pleased to see them now available on Facebook.

So far, we have set up ‘rules’ to alert us when a campaign is approaching its budget limit or when frequency levels get too high – but there is so much more we can do and I’m curious to explore further.


As with all things new, I had a quick scan across the web. I’m surprised to see that the keyword ‘Facebook Automated Rules’ hasn’t brought up anything official yet. I shall keep an eye on it.

In the meantime, I will continue to experiment with this new feature – setting up certain rules and alerts to help me monitor campaign performance.

Have you seen and used this new feature on your Facebook campaigns yet? Please share in the comments section if you have – I’d be interested to know how you have used them.

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