New Adbars blow away competition

New Adbars blow away competition

Officially launched in the late Autumn, Space & Time Media’s new dynamic digital ad format ‘Adbars‘, has shown to be 10-50x times more effective than normal Banners and MPUs and increased user engagement with clients’ brands, services and products to far greater levels.

Leading brands for example Comet, Priceminister, PluggedIn and CALA Homes have been the first to trial the Adbars each with bespoke features and the agency is busy supplying 20 more or so to various clients and even non-clients through its external relationships with publishers taking the format.

Head of Digital at Space & Time, Jon Clarke said “Advertisers and agencies focus on price and the public spend less focus on web advertising; clients want cheaper media and the user doesn’t find web ads engaging or something in them relevant or helpful to them. What the industry has overlooked is creativity and choice. Adbars offers advertisers and the public multi-format, engaging, social and interesting ads and for publishers the new space on the screen allows them to grow revenues. It’s a win, win, win for all involved.”

The Adbars has blown away the competition so far with CTR above 0.5% and engaging elements doubling that, and then some with their best topping 2.0%. Compare that to industry average CTR of just 0.1% and even lower when bought on a low cost network 0.03% and the value is evident and overwhelming.

The Agency is adding more publishers to their offering which covers retail, entertainment, property, finance, news, travel, sport, NHS Trusts and local borough councils. Publishers can clearly see not only revenue potential in them, but also their quality that allows them to keep their CPM prices higher but even more competitive, which manifests itself in repeat purchases.

The Agency built its own adserver and offers every conceivable statistic so that both publisher/adsales vendor and advertiser can see all ads calls, ads served to page and every click and clickthrough, even how many closes.

The Agency has big ideas for the format in 2012 and their digital team has grown to match the increased output and new iterations of the format Clarke has tucked up his sleeve. If you want to know more then do contact him, he’d be delighted to inspire you with what’s next.

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