Meerkat Periscoped and Torpedoed!

Meerkat Periscoped and Torpedoed!

Meerkat raised its head high and launched, Twitter’s Periscope popped up and torpedoed it.

What am I talking about and does it matter?

Live streaming on Twitter, two great apps that came to market last month and the independent app Meerkat thought it was the next big thing in social media solutions only to be blown apart by Twitter’s own Periscope app that’s fully integrated with Twitter appearing seconds later.

Both are great, but Periscope’s native solution inside Twitter enables broadcasters to reach numerous more users quicker. So will we see Meerkat disappear? Probably not, but the emphasis for most brands that want to show live streaming video via Twitter will start and end with Periscope.

So why live stream? And what to stream?

There is a clear demand for live news and events and an appetite for those, but like the case of video gaming streaming app Twitch, the public are intrigued and want to observe so much more and be part of the experience as a co-viewer joined socially with others has an appeal to millions.

Just some examples on how businesses and brands can use the services: Announcements, New Product Features and Demonstrations, Q&A Sessions, Crowdsourcing, Insider Views, Viral Reach, Competitions, Press Releases, Customer Service, First Person Stories, Service/Product Reviews etc…

Brands and businesses have a great opportunity to be virtual broadcasters, but they should also be aware that they could themselves be unwittingly caught up in this by their disgruntled customers and employees.

For brands wishing to utilise these latest opportunities then having a very large Twitter Follower fan base is required in order to garner a wider enough viewing audience. No point in broadcasting to no-one of course. This also means that at the start brands should advertise the fact before their planned streaming event so that more followers are created and fans are prepped and ready.

The jury is still out on how sporting/event based organisers and owners will deal with the possible thousands of live streams from a legal point of view over image/video/broadcast rights and I’ll be watching to see if anyone is brought to book in the coming months.

Meerkat is unhappy with Twitter, and not surprisingly since it really looks like they tried to kill the independent stone dead. Perhaps Twitter’s action will make other app makers wary of building something that Twitter just copies. Time will tell. Other sites are closing down their API from being used by 3rd parties like Snapchat and this might just start be the beginning of a trend of powerful social media platforms not wanting to be usurped by others when they’ve invested so much time and money in their own product.

The agency is trialling both solutions and any client who has a question should contact Director of Innovation, Jon Clarke, but for now here below is a quick ready-reckoner of the two offerings and how they match up against each other.

Meerkat vs Periscope Twitter Streaming 17 points

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