Listen up… Radio is here to stay!

Listen up… Radio is here to stay!

In this digital day and age, never has it been more pertinent to justify the use of more ‘traditional’ media on a clients marketing schedule. With the increase of ever so accountable online advertising opportunities, just where does radio now fit into the media mix?

The internet remains the fastest growing medium in recent years and one of the most valuable; and like it or not, this is where people are interacting with brands – and ‘this’ is people of all ages.

With digital media being so answerable, why support it with anything else? One area where radio has the upper-hand is in ad-avoidance. Research shows that radio has the lowest level of advertising avoidance – this is one of the RAB’s Seven Reasons for Using Radio (

Whereas you have an informed choice of interacting with an online advert, when a radio commercial comes on even if you zone in and out depending on what you are doing at the time, radio commercials leave trace memories. Ultimately, radio is very strong for pushing brand awareness, and also for pushing listeners online, making radio and online perfect partners.

The RAB: Online Multiplier Study quotes that radio can drive brand browsing (going direct to a brands website or searching for a specific brand in a search engine) by over 52%. Radio also has immediate results with over half of this browsing taking place within 24 hours of exposure to the ad – see, a marriage made in heaven.

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So what’s new in radio? Despite being a traditional medium, radio is still making great technological strides. Mobile radio listening is up 38% year on year and 60% of new cars have DAB radio installed. The biggest DAB news at the moment is the recent announcement of a second national commercial radio DAB multiplex operated by Sound Digital. This new multiplex is due to launch within 12 months and will bring listeners an array of new and returning national stations:

  • talkRADIO (news, current affairs and general speech)
  • talkSPORT 2 (live sport and sports talk)
  • talkBUSINESS (business and finance)
  • Virgin Radio (rock and pop music)
  • Kisstory (old skool dance tunes and anthems)
  • Magic Mellow (relaxing and melodic music)
  • Heat Radio (pop music, celebrity gossip and entertainment)
  • Planet Rock (classic rock music)
  • Absolute 80s (80s music)
  • Sunrise Radio (Asian music and speech)
  • British Muslim Radio (Asian music and speech, with elements of Islamic content)
  • UCB Inspirational (Christian music)
  • Premier Christian Radio (Christian music and speech)
  • Jazz FM (non-mainstream music)
  • DAB+ channel – TBC

These new stations bring with them new opportunities for reaching your desired audience and pushing your brand. So watch this space for updates!

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