It's More than a Feeling: Facebook Reactions roll out globally!

It's More than a Feeling: Facebook Reactions roll out globally!

If you’ve checked Facebook within the past couple of hours, you will have noticed that people are expressing the heck out of themselves on Newsfeed posts… visually speaking, that is.

This is because Facebook Reactions have officially been rolled out, giving users 6 new ways (including the classic ‘Like’) to show just how they feel about what friends and brands are putting out there.

As you can see below these are accessible on sponsored posts as well, which means advertisers can now expect a plethora of fun, emoticological(?) responses on their ads.

emotions mobile

You’ll typically find that users don’t mind voicing their opinions quite clearly in the comments section of social media posts and adverts, so we see this addition as more of a novelty than a PR nightmare to brands. Certainly there will be a fear of the far right face, but this angry emoticon in isolation shouldn’t get marketers pulling thier hair out, as – fortunately – when it comes to customer relationship management, words speak louder than ‘Reactions’.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how this new feature develops and what effects it has on our campaigns moving forward.

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