Is the Apple Watch a game changer? You've seen nothing yet!

Is the Apple Watch a game changer? You've seen nothing yet!

Is Apple’s new smart watch a game changer? I don’t think so, it’s a commercial venture that will net them more multi-millions of Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen etc, but it’s not ground breaking, it’s not new thinking, Dick Tracy had one for goodness sake in 1952!

Dick Tracy watch

About 6 years ago I gave up my watch for the ever present by my side smartphone – it’s a phenomenon that has grown across the planet with watch sales declining at a pace year on year. Now we have new wearable tech, computer watches, Google Glass etc, but although they are pushing the tech envelope they are not true game changers, due to price, useability, battery life and the change they need to make in common human behaviour. Future technology advances need to nail these, but for the foreseeable future the phablet will rule across the world, and we’ll all need to buy clothes with bigger pockets!

This is not a pop at Apple or Google by any means, in fact we need these mega-companies to create and feed the dreams of the public, and those new scientists and developers to believe that nothing is impossible and to strive for better. The future of nano technology, everlasting recharging power cells, new materials and thinking is very much alive in laboratories around the world and in time the next huge leap will take place with not wearable tech, but implant or stick/paint/morphic tech, which in time might hopefully be the game changer everyone talks about and affordable too.

Wearable tech

It’s not so much the tech at present that’s king but the connectivity and portability of data, so that devices, locations, everyday private and public objects recognise individuals. This for some is utopia whilst others rightly worry about personal freedom and who or what is collecting, sifting, measuring and using that data and for what purposes. Then you have technology that inherently will be targeted, hacked and breached or just as easily left on a train somewhere by a forgetful person and then all the trouble that is associated with that.

So hooray for the new Apple Watch, Google Glass, Facebook’s Oculus Rift and the plethora of Samsung, Sony, Amazon, HTC, Philips, Microsoft, and others’ new tech, but to be honest you’ve seen nothing yet! Will I be buying any of these? Perhaps some, but I can’t see me wearing them for long and like all the other shiny gadgets over the years I’ve bought they will end up in a drawer somewhere gathering dust and turning into lovely retro pieces for my kids to ask what ‘is’ that Dad?

The next 10 years will be spectacular, and no doubt we’ll take it all very much for granted as we do, but for businesses this digital revolution both in 1st and 3rd areas of the world needs immediate funding and exploring, communities and governments too need to embrace change and learn to adapt quicker, it’s a Brave New World and it’s here now, it will just get even more sci-fi to most, and that’s the challenge to make all of it second nature, trusted and useable.

I check my iPhone for the time 10.30am, time to post this and carry on with my ever challenging digital day. #BeBrave everyone and enjoy!

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