#Instagood News for Digital Advertising

#Instagood News for Digital Advertising

It’s been in Beta testing for some time now, but the vast majority of agencies have had to resign themselves to living in eager anticipation… until now!

That’s right. Instagram have just opened up their platform to advertisers on a self-serve basis. Starting this month, advertisers big and small are able to run campaigns on Instagram, and ads will be launching in markets globally on 30th September.

#ThrowbackThursday: Ads Under Fire

As a Facebook-owned platform, Instagram ads have in some instances been met with a similar response to when its parent company first opened up its doors to brands for promotion purposes several years back… “Why are you in my newsfeed?”

blog - ImageAt Space & Time we carefully monitored the response to Instagram advertising when it first launched earlier this year, in consultation with our Facebook Account manager, and noting some of knee-jerk confusion and aggression that surrounded the activity, we have been proceeding with caution when it comes to running campaigns for our clients. This initial negativity has simmered down substantially though, as people have learnt to accept that ad revenue – whether it be on major social networks, search engines, or basic applications – is what pays the bills, and keeps the offering free for users.


newNow that users have become more accustomed to seeing adverts within their feeds we feel confident in opening this offering to all our clients and are embarking on a number of campaigns with them, extremely excited to see some brilliant results both in increased ad recall and ultimately uplift in sales.
Perhaps the most exciting feature stems from the strong integration between Facebook and Instagram and the ability to use the Facebook’s rich data in targeting efforts across the platforms. The ‘If Instagram – then Facebook’ relationship and the fact that Instagram ads are actually created in Facebook’s Power Editor, means that any targeting options available on Facebook are available across Instagram, and although not everyone on Facebook owns an Instagram account, we are able to reach people on Instagram who we know have interacted with the brand on Facebook; a very valuable tool when it comes to what we believe are the key features of successful Instagram advertising. 1) Relevance and 2) Aesthetic Compliance.

Here We Go…

We’re very eager to add this exciting new solution to our new and existing clients’ media plans, and make the path to campaign activation as smooth as possible for those who haven’t yet embraced the platform.

Feel free to contact the Space and Time digital team for all your Instagram solutions, from profile setup to profile management, Facebook page integration and Instagram Advertising.

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