Google Officially Unveils Price Extensions

Google Officially Unveils Price Extensions

Back in April we were one of a number of Google Partner Agencies invited to attend Google’s Q2 Product Kick-off, which introduced us to their new tools and features. One of the cool features presented to us was Table Extensions (now known as Price Extensions).

Predictably, we were eager to get our hands on these and start working with them. As a Google Partner Agency it wasn’t long before we were able to start testing on selected accounts and see what impact these Price Extensions had.

What are they?

Price Extensions allow additional information that can show with your mobile text ads, showcasing your services and range of products, and how much they cost.

They show as multiple rows, providing valuable information to your prospective customers before clicking on your ad.

Each row features a different piece of information about your product or service; a description of the product; the cost of the product allowing you to add a price qualifier (Up to or From) and also provides a link to the relevant landing page. This structured layout highlights key information that people will want to see, making it easier for them to compare and consider their options, and gives more detail about what is on offer from your site- right from the mobile search results page.

Price extensions also work effectively alongside other Ad Extensions available when using Google AdWords (except Sitelinks).

Like most ad extensions, Price Extensions also confer a fairly handy tactical, competitive advantage: by making your ad larger and giving you more of the screen, they push other advertisers further down the page and effectively increase your share of voice, to the detriment of your competitors.

Our Testing

A select few accounts which we look after were eligible to test Price Extensions, and on these accounts the performance thus far has been positive for the overall account.

Common to all Ad Extension is the improvement in CTR (Click-through-rate) that they are able to deliver, and in this regard Price Extensions are no different. With Price Extensions only being available on Mobile devices and when your ad is listed in position 1, what we expected to happen… did happen: there was a rise in clicks on Mobile Devices and an improvement in Average Position, giving a positive impact on the account. Customers using their phone to search who perhaps wouldn’t have clicked on a link beforehand, did this time around; because they had the opportunity to see more detail about what was being offered before clicking on the advert .

So, downsides? Not really. With a 71% smartphone penetration in the UK and our phones fast becoming the device which we turn to more than any other, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the opportunity Price Extensions give you? Potential higher CTR, better average position and the chance to take up more space on Google’s search results.

Now that Google has officially rolled out this new Ad Extension for all accounts it is going to be interesting to see how well they perform for certain business sectors compared to others.

If you would like to find out more about Table/Price Extensions please get in contact with us or take a look at the Google Help Centre.

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