Google Ads & Analytics Innovations

Google Ads & Analytics Innovations

Google Ads & Analytics Innovations

On the 24th May 2016, Google announced their latest mobile-first innovations. Mobile, it seems, has been front of mind with “the year of mobile” the key phrase for years now. We have to agree that the shift to mobile is no longer happening it has happened. Now half of Google searches are on Mobile and Tablet devices and these searches matter because they represent consumer’s moments – ‘I’ Want-to-know, Want-to-go, Want-to-do and Want-to-buy, micro-moments.

The key for advertisers is to connect with consumers by understanding the intent and context around these moments. With this, the new features and updates that will be accessible throughout the year are aimed at helping advertisers to do just that.

Three Years ago AdWords launched Enhanced campaigns and a first phase into a “mobile first” concept. This had a mixed response for advertisers, as you were no longer able to create mobile, or for that matter tablet only campaigns. This was more desktop centric but with the ability to increase bids for mobile and create mobile specific ads. With the continual shift to mobile, Google responded with several features and tools but most recently made another change to remove right hand side adverts on desktop, making search more consistent across devices in order to improve user experience.

Some of the key updates to the new and improved AdWords coming soon will be –

1. More flexibility to set bid adjustments for mobile, desktop and tablet.
2. Mobile ads will have longer headlines & description lines (50% more than current text adverts).
3. Ads that are automatically optimised for the Google Display Network once you provide, headline, description, image and URL.
4. New AdWords interface with better home page and easier access to location and device settings.
5. Promoted pins within Google Maps
6. Demographic bidding and similar audiences for search ads.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.40.52 PM

The updates that are currently being rolled out we believe will enhance AdWords campaigns further towards a mobile centric world and we are eager to test them out for our clients.

Hear more about Google’s latest mobile-first innovations, watch the full video here:

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