#FLASHBACKFRIDAY: Facebook Agency Day

#FLASHBACKFRIDAY: Facebook Agency Day

It’s been 1 week (or 700,000,000 hours’ worth of videos watched on Facebook) since Andrea and Bruce were up in Dublin, drinking Guinness and clapping along to traditional Irish music representing Space and Time at Facebook’s EMEA Agency Day.

The day was a chance for select medium-sized agencies across Europe, Middle East and Africa, to get together and benefit from the platform’s recent insights, sneak peaks into new products, as well as current best practices according to the extensive testing they run on a continuous basis.

Last year’s event was shaped around 3 main shifts on the platform:

Search -> Discovery

Desktop -> Mobile

Text -> Image

This year the agenda was jam packed with thought-provoking sessions focussed on:

  1. Thinking PEOPLE not Devices
  2. The OPPORTUNITY to tell your story (video-heavy)
  3. Innovations in MEASUREMENT

1. Think PEOPLE. Not Devices.

With 60% of people using 2 or more devices (and 25% using 3 or more) the value of Facebook tracking users by their unique USER ID as opposed to cookies, is higher than ever. This prevents over estimation of reach and allows us to be even more accurate with tracking as well as our targeting (see typical cross-device consumer below).



62% of people check Facebook 30 times a day (150 times for millennials) which means there are plenty of opportunities for advertisers to reach users with relevant products and messaging.


FIVE. BILLION. GIGABYTES of data are uploaded to Facebook every 10 minutes.

That’s the equivalent of ALL data uploaded to the platform during 2013.

The challenge here is that brands are in competition with so much other content at any given time, the 3 SECOND AUDITION is as important as ever. Within such a noisy environment, it’s vital that content is created – or at least adapted – to suit the platform.

Sequential storytelling and guiding/tracking users down your business funnel is a proven strategy. If the right tools are employed, with smart targeting and retargeting, from broader audiences to more focussed, the ultimate reward will be a significant uplift in business results that matter!


With even more sophisticated tracking tools available on Facebook, it becomes vital for brands to have clearly defined business objectives for every campaign, so that optimisation is well informed and the most relevant metrics are measured, reported on and used to direct future strategic decision.



It was an extremely valuable day all round, and unfortunately much of the content and updates were under NDA, but we’re extremely excited and preparing for some interesting developments in the quarter, which could drastically shift the way users engage and turn attention to brands.

I leave you with a few pictures and interesting nuggets from Facebook’s European Headquarters.





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