Facebook update their ‘Offers’ advert objective

Facebook update their ‘Offers’ advert objective

Facebook is updating how advertisers offer discounts to users while making it far easier for users to keep track of them.

Facebook announced yesterday that it is to launch an updated ‘Offers’ advert objective. The newly refreshed ‘Offers’ tool has been designed to make it easier for advertisers to reach people who are likely to take up an offer while also giving the user a ‘store and save’ facility that reminds them which offers they have and when they are due to expire.

For those of you who were not already aware of the ‘Offers’ objective, advertisers are able to create targeted offer adverts in Facebook. The usual robust suite of Facebook targeting tools can be employed and, in addition to this, you can tweak the length of time that the offer runs for and how many people can claim the offer. The offer can take the form of a discount (either by percentage or a specific value), a ‘buy one get one free’ offer, or free product. You can’t yet tailor your own bespoke offer, but advertisers can include a bar code or QR code that will aid in reporting how many offers have been claimed.

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for advertisers to more fully understand the user journey – measuring how long it takes from the redemption of an offer through to the final purchase – but shouldn’t just be seen as a ‘catch all’ solution to fix a sales issue. If your offer ultimately has little (or no) take up it might just be your service or proposition that is the problem.

‘Offer’ adverts have been part of Facebook’s ad suite since 2012. According to Facebook product manager Dan Barak, the updates to this format will help streamline the way they’re created – both online and offline and help advertisers reach the consumers that they want in the way that they want to reach them. Anything that makes the process easier and more efficient for advertisers – and users – can surely only be a good thing.

The new and improved ‘Offers’ will also help users keep track of what they might want but don’t use right away. With the new ‘Offers’ bookmark, people can review which offers they have while also receiving reminders when ads are about to expire. Those with a bar code can be scanned directly from the Facebook screen.

Offer adverts don’t have to be limited to the FMCG sector; in theory, ‘life changing’ purchases could also be promoted, perhaps with 10% off your new car, or £5,000.00 towards the deposit for a new home. With numerous options and opportunities available to users, this could be a really nifty tool for savvy marketers with a compelling offering.

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