Facebook revamp unifies mobile and web Time Line with larger ads

Facebook revamp unifies mobile and web Time Line with larger ads

Facebook has unveiled a major new look to its News Feed, the most significant change since the launch of Facebook Timelines, which it promises will reduce clutter and focus more on stories from friends and family.

Making the announcement at a special launch event in California, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new look for the world’s biggest social network.

The revamp also introduces topic-specific alternatives to its news feed, and ads appear larger.

Enlarging the news feed now allows a sponsored post to become by far the biggest element on the screen, taking up roughly a third of the page when viewed on a 13in (33cm) laptop display.
Another ad-friendly change is that if a user “likes” an organisation a horizontal banner photo is added to posts reporting the news in addition to the brand’s logo, making the update more eye-catching.

In addition, the site will now auto-generate maps to accompany posts about specific locations, in a bid to promote its check-in function which competes with Foursquare- in turn boosting geo-targeted ads.

The changes bring the desktop version of Facebook and the mobile version closer together. The new look means that Facebook now looks and feels the same on mobile, tablet and the web. This means, for example, that the left-hand menu is accessible anywhere users go on Facebook.

These latest changes are designed to encourage users to stay on Facebook for longer and also mean much greater visibility for ads. Facebook will be hoping this means a lot more advertising revenue.

The new design sees Facebook take things it has learned from the mobile and bring it to the desktop, which will now more closely mirror Facebook on mobile devices, where the social network has proved very successful from an advertising point of view.

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