Facebook: Inspiring Shoppers to Purchase with a Collection

Facebook: Inspiring Shoppers to Purchase with a Collection

Back in November 2016 Facebook announced the launch of the ‘Collection’ ad format, which is now available globally to all brands, large and small.

Adidas were one of the first to use the ad unit and they saw a substantial decrease in their cost per conversion and over 500% increase in their return on ad spend. We’ve noticed other brands such as Marks & Spencer, Mulberry and Made.com all using this ad format in the past few months so it was a only a matter of time before it came out of beta and would be available to the masses.

The immersive experience is similar to the current Canvas ad format, taking you through to a full screen shopping experience which loads quickly and seamlessly within the Facebook app. Here you can browse up to 50 products at once, which individually click through to the advertiser’s website ready for the user to purchase.

Collection Ad Format

  1. This element of the ad is the same as your standard newsfeed, which can encompass a photo or video. We’ve seen most brands using this as a video to showcase a collection of products or as a tutorial video explaining how to use their products.
  2. The headline, as with all other Facebook ad formats, is your opportunity to drive a clear call-to-action.
  3. The product thumbnails usually display a diverse product set to appeal to as many users as possible. Once clicked on, the full collection can be displayed. This ad format is currently only being recommended for campaigns with more than 8 products so as not to disappoint the user once they click through to the full screen shopping experience.

Facebook are pitching this ad format as a way to drive “real product discovery and sales in a more visual and immersive way, enabling marketers to pair prominent video or images with relevant products in the mobile newsfeed”.

From what we’ve already seen and from what Facebook are saying, we can tell a ‘Collection’ has great potential for all e-commerce clients and we’re looking forward to running our own tests in the coming months.

Andrea Bent
Digital Team Manager

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