Facebook Advertising: Flash Update

Facebook Advertising: Flash Update

With Facebook having just announced a 52% increase in their fourth quarter profits since last year, it seems like as good a time as any to highlight some of the latest developments that we’re really excited about here at Space and Time.

Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation ads rolled out to all advertisers a few months back, and we’ve had a good chance to test this piece of ad tech across a range of clients in various sectors. From requesting property brochures to signing up for free teaching resources and claiming e-commerce special offers, we’ve been extremely pleased (and in many cases surprised) by the positive results. It’s a simple and effective way of capturing users’ data within the Facebook ad unit, without sending them out of the social channel.

blog lead

The form enables marketers to gather basic user data such as name, email address and phone number (all pre-populated) as well as ask up to 3 custom questions. The user-friendliness of this form has clearly been well-tested, and the volume of leads collected across all campaigns has exceeded all client expectations to date. Clearly the success has proved universal in the main, as what was initially a mobile-only offering has now been extended to desktop devices. If you’d like to try out the product, we’re offering exclusive trials, so email digital@spaceandtime.co.uk to find out more about how we can help grow your database.


Since the introduction of Instant Articles across a number of major publishing sites last year, as well as Lead Gen ads, Facebook’s endeavours to retain users within the platform has become ever stronger. This has been further exemplified by the new microsite-esque ad unit, Canvas, which is currently being rolled out across ad accounts. Once again holding users within the platform, a simple tap on the ad unit opens up the navigable space that is composed of a smorgasbord of media tools all within one immersive mobile experience. Advertisers are able to ‘build’ their own Canvas in Facebook’s Power Editor, making use of the variety of tools at their disposal; including video, carousel, and large landscape ’tilt-to-pan’ images, all interspersed with customisable buttons and text boxes to guide the user through this journey.

With the option to hyperlink various points around your Canvas, tracking the user’s engagement is made simple, and reports present you with the ‘Average duration of canvas viewed” as well as the “Average % of canvas viewed”. Take a look at the example below and get in touch if you’re interested in being a pioneer!

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