England fans we need your help.


We love football here with a passion (and we know you do too), we also love digital media, so we thought we’d combine the two and create a social media experiment to see if we could Thunderclap a huge England Fan R-O-A-R to support Roy’s 23 young lions to victory in Rio this summer.

Thunderclap limited us to a target of 500 fans getting involved to trigger the roar at 1pm on 11th June, the day before the start of the World Cup on the 12th June, but we’re hoping with your help to smash this to smithereens and get thousands involved.

So it’s your help we need, please take a second or three to click on this hashtag link #EnglandLionsRioRoar and get involved. Then once you have, share it with everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, Email etc…

What happens on the 11th June at 1pm then? Well, if we beat the target then at that one moment the hashtag is released across all your signed up social accounts and we hope to create a world wide hashtag trend. Okay big idea, from small beginnings, but hey it’s that English never say die attitude we all share, the bulldog spirit, we’re small but we can do anything. That’s me, that’s you, that’s all of us. Just like the young England team Roy’s picked it’s better to be fearless and then who knows what can be achieved.

We have lots more fun ideas for the World Cup so feel free to come back and take a look, but for now let’s R-O-A-R LIONS!

The image is from Spicetag. We loved the bold simple design. R-O-A-R here https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/11816-englandlionsrioroar

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