Did you know Google Search is indexing your Facebook comments?

Did you know Google Search is indexing your Facebook comments?

The head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts, sent out a tweet and confirmed the news that Google is now indexing AJAX and JavaScript content.

This means that the text from comments on Facebook pages will now show up in Google search results. What Is The Big News? The comments made on blogs and sites via the Facebook comments box are now being indexed by the search engine.

The Privacy Concern For The Common Users:

The whelps of delight of SEOs aside, Google indexing their comments may not seem that exciting to users. Most guard their privacy against Google by upping their Facebook privacy on their profiles, but now, their names and comments will show up via Facebook Comments on blogs. This sort of backdoor entry for Google may not be appreciated by people.

People may not like their online commenting activities being indexed by Google and their names coming up in search results. What remains to be seen is how Facebook will react to this? What will it do to protect the users’ privacy, is being watched by the industry experts now. Facebook is not a great one for privacy with many settings left open as default and it too has come into conflict with its growing membership over this.

The Takeaway Tip For SEOs:

Now, Facebook Comments come in various formats like-XFBML and HTML5. After several tests, it has been observed that you must comment with the XFBML implementation, as it is what that is showing in search results.

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