Breaking News: Instagram begins advertising in the UK

Breaking News: Instagram begins advertising in the UK

Today marks the launch of advertising on Instagram in the UK.

7 well known brands will be the first to roll out advertising on the social media platform, and include well known names such as:

Starbucks, Cadbury, Channel 4, Rimmel, Estee Lauder, Sony Music and Waitrose

The photo sharing platform, which was bought by Facebook in April 2012, now has more than 200 million users worldwide, and is now seeking ways in which to monetise it’s offering.

The advert units are charged on a cost-per-mille (thousand) basis and brands can currently choose to target audiences by age, gender and geography. A threshold has not yet been set for the number of ads a user is likely to see on any given day, but this is likely to remain minimal as Instagram continues to roll out advertising very slowly with the initial big UK brands.

At present all advertising is being personally approved by the co-founder, James Quarles, to ensure the quality and integrity of the site is maintained.

There is currently little data on UK users and the demographic profile of them, which makes the proposition of advertising less appealing to marketers and agencies alike.

It is an exciting time as another major social channel looks to open it’s user base to legions of excited brand marketers in the UK. However it’s very early days, and until we see some robust results from these initial trail campaigns, we have to reserve judgement on whether this will be a real contender, and one that will convince agencies and marketers alike to shift their current digital budgets away from known and proven channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and delve into what is still a great unknown, especially when it comes to a severe lack of audience data.

Some examples of sponsored content being rolled out to UK users.

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Written By Nick Beckingham – Digital Account Director

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