Autumn Statement Update

Autumn Statement Update

Today’s autumn statement offers a substantial opportunity to the housebuilding sector. With housebuilder share prices driving a positive movement today, the FTSE clearly thinks so too.

Whether it’s the proposed London Help to Buy scheme, the acceleration of the Right to Buy project or the removal of the tax credit cuts, there’s a lot in today’s announcement that will give your consumers something to think about. Bringing the property market into the public conversation, in whatever form, will re-open discussions within households across the country. People will be re-examining their finances, re-calculating, re-budgeting and deciding whether that move they’ve been thinking about off and on for the last however many months might be a bit more (or a bit less) feasible today than it was yesterday.

In such a situation, prudent use of appropriate media channels can be invaluable. Depending of course on your own commercial needs, now may well not be the time to be investing heavily into aggressive grandstanding. But today and the next few weeks are a terrific time to make sure your brand is available to those contemplating the property marketplace afresh. Your know how, your product mix, your developments and their price points, the contents of your website- all of these are a valuable resource to people who are considering their position in light of what is announced today and it would be wise to optimise their availability to this emergent market.

Ensure that your paid search impression share is where it ought to be;  invest in some top-line keywords that will reach people who are entering the early research stages of the buying cycle (“help to buy”; county-level location searches etc); be available through social media to respond and engage with people; perhaps issue the occasional sponsored tweet regarding the market.

As you’d expect, these are all things that we would love to help with- get in touch if you need anything at all.

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