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Will Facebook users ‘Dislike’ my brand?

Mark Zuckerberg this week announced the roll out of a ‘Dislike’ button to complement the ’Like’ button on Facebook which is pressed billions of times a day! In Mark’s view it is there for those users who wish to empathise with the sort of sad or compassionate post for which a ‘like’ might be inappropriate. But what will it mean for the thousands of brands using Facebook?

Perhaps the first thing to stress is that […]


‘British Gas, O2 and M&S ads appear on ‘paedo and incest’ websites, according to The Sun’ – CLICK AND READ

This is a must read. There is no more important time than now as we all in the digital industry move to programmatic buying to instil in clients why digital media is not 100% accurate and that with ever cheaper media buying comes the possibility that ads may appear on salacious websites or next to […]

Meerkat Periscoped and Torpedoed!

Meerkat raised its head high and launched, Twitter’s Periscope popped up and torpedoed it.

What am I talking about and does it matter?

Live streaming on Twitter, two great apps that came to market last month and the independent app Meerkat thought it was the next big thing in social media solutions only to be blown apart by Twitter’s own Periscope app that’s fully integrated with Twitter appearing seconds later.

Both are great, but Periscope’s native solution […]

Warning! Will your brand .sucks in the future?

Over the past year there has been a large number domain extension names released, but in June this year .sucks and .fail, will join the already released more adult themed ones .xxx and .porn.

Brands should be aware of these, protect themselves and probably insure they don’t fall into the wrong hands when they go on release to the general public in a few months’ time.

Who might want them? Very probably it will be unhappy, […]

YouTube Stars More Influential, Youth Say

Published on MarketingCharts is a great account on how the millennium generation is turning to digital celebrities over TV, Music, Sport or Film ones. I for one have two young teenage daughters who consume far more YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat than any other media and they can reel off not just who are the most important YouTubers are, but also their whole lives, plus watch back to back videos of their idols and make […]

The Rise of the Cyber Athletes

Growing exponentially, global, packing stadiums, professional video gamers, the extraordinary rise of the Cyber Athletes and eSports.

If you are quick you can catch on BBC iPlayer ‘The Rise of the Cyber Athletes’, a look at eSports and how with the help of streaming sites like Twitch bring millions of viewers to watch online and ten’s of thousands to venues around the world. The Cyber Athlete much parodied as being a couch potato is no […]

UK Top 30 Retail Winners & Losers of Black Friday

The Comscore figures are out for November 2014 and we can see the winners and losers across the top 30 retailers with online presence. For some the effect of Black Friday and heavy ad support raised their website traffic levels and no doubt these created greater sales.

Amazon and Argos remained No.1 and No.2 with Apple dropping and Tesco rising. Even though John Lewis’ Penguin ad was everywhere it didn’t lift them higher, but electrical/digital/entertainment […]

Top 30 UK House Builders Social Media Round-up 2014

Social Media Top 30 UK House Builders December 2014 figures are in and it’s time to see who ended the year with the most fans across several platforms. This unique survey is put together by Space & Time Media, the UK’s largest property media agency every month and if you wish to learn the detail of this quick summary please contact

New to the top position from third last year is McCarthy & Stone, […]

Space & Time Invaders Christmas Competition

Festive greetings from us here at Space & Time, an out of this world
media buying agency to you, our friends!

Please join us in a little retro fun and feel free to share and pass on…
It’s our 2014 Christmas Competition!
Play for a chance of winning a Weekend for 2 in Barcelona*, plus the top 10
recorded individual scores on our leaderboard will each win a bottle of Champagne!

All those who play and input their email address […]

Space & Time Secret Santa

It’s that time of year again… SECRET SANTA!

Mrs Claus aka Sandy our MD gives out the presents to all us hard working elves. Cue feverish unwrapping, oohs, aahs and lots of laughs.

Alas, not every elf is lucky, a letter from Santa explains it’s the Royal Mail’s fault and not that he’s on the Naughty List