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The Failure of Classification

One of the ways we learn to think about media and the various roles that different channels can have in the marketing mix is to devise increasingly complex methods of boxing them off: grouping channels together so that at a stroke we can decide to do “some social” or a “bit of online”. The classic models for breaking out media into different groups is the Paid/Owned/Borrowed/Earned system, which seeks to distinguish between media that […]

Autumn Statement Update

Today’s autumn statement offers a substantial opportunity to the housebuilding sector. With housebuilder share prices driving a positive movement today, the FTSE clearly thinks so too.

Whether it’s the proposed London Help to Buy scheme, the acceleration of the Right to Buy project or the removal of the tax credit cuts, there’s a lot in today’s announcement that will give your consumers something to think about. Bringing the property market into the public conversation, in […]

The Dismantling of Complexity

I hope you’ll forgive me for opening with a J D Salinger quotation…

                     It’s funny. All you have to do is say something nobody understands

                               and they’ll do practically anything you want them to.

For all that he often talks quite a lot of sense, this is one view of Holden Caulfield’s that I don’t share. In our trade, clients are far more interested and more savvy than Salinger would have you believe- in […]

Smarter Media

Smarter Media. Easily said. Slips from the tongue like a pat of well-oiled butter. But what does it mean in practice? For all that it’s easy to say, it’s also quite hard to wrestle into some sort of meaning. Of course it would be, it’s well-oiled butter. Smarter Media describes our attitude to what we do and how we do it, and it goes some way to describing why we’re passionate about it too; […]

Northern Marketing Awards 2015

Space and Time Media are extremely proud and more than a little excited to announce that two separate campaigns have been shortlisted for the 2015 Northern Marketing Awards.
In the Property and Construction category, Avant Homes’ 2014 Summer Campaign was a beautifully crafted media plan which overlaid non-traditional media such as branded ice creams and Sky Adsmart with property market staples such as portal emailers and leaflet distribution. The campaign made the most of a […]

The importance of…

I put my hand up for this particular blog title with one eye firmly on the freedom it would afford me to write about whichever medium I felt like discussing. The one title on the list that would allow me to waffle about whatever took my fancy at various points down the page. Perhaps I could wax boring about the importance of a strong social presence to any decent SEO campaign, or the importance […]

Google Mobile Insight on Property Search Marketing

As a Google Partner Agency and their UK go-to agency for the property industry we are regularly privy to some extremely interesting industry-specific insight. At a recent presentation our search team were shown some interesting figures concerning recent trends among property related keywords.

A central theme was the rapid and sustained growth of mobile searches, with Q1 2014 mobile property-related searches up 67% year on year while desktop searches actually shrank by 8%. As well […]

IABUK: Digital Britain Comes to Manchester

In fourth-form History Mr Peake always insisted that we consider our sources. We were to eschew the idea of a definitive truth to any narrative and instead broaden our understanding of a text to include an appreciation of the situation, ambitions and agenda of the person who created it. Such studied cynicism has proven useful in this industry, where almost everyone you speak to each day has something to sell.

So while I have every […]

Budget & Bricks, Building Futures, no Bingo & Beer






Freeing the Pension Funds
On account of the diminishing returns seen from the annuities market over recent years, the budget yesterday removed the obligation on people to buy an annuity with their retirement fund. The full effect of this new pensions reform legislation will not be felt until April 2015, however with the Chancellor’s temporary rules coming seeing fruition as early as next week, there are going to be some early worms out there for […]