Space and Time: A More Intimate Look at Who we have to Offer

Space and Time: A More Intimate Look at Who we have to Offer

Today I’m inviting you to take a walk with me through our bright, lively, and often-frantic Reigate office to meet the gang and gain some insight into the services that Space and Time offers. All to the highest standards thanks to the specialised skillsets of our handpicked experts……….word of warning though; there’s a good chance someone may be reheating broccoli, absolute 70s may be blaring, and the cute office dog may be slightly less welcoming than you anticipated. Other than that, we’re good to go…


Allow me to introduce our dedicated PPC team, all connected by their love for strong coffee and passion for craftily placed copy. But it’s more than just minimum spends and monthly reports with these guys. They’re ‘client empower-ers’, always ready to offer assistance, knowledge and tips, in line with the principles that we feel define a transparent agency. The SEO department further strengthens our search marketing offering, which continues to grow throughout our offices across the UK.


Credit control are up next, and quite a tricky one, because as much as we considerably enjoy their company, we all know the less the client hears of them, the better.


Although many might say it’s just one big excuse to sit on Facebook all day, at the central hub in the office, the social media team works tirelessly to ensure that relevant people are seeing relevant content at the relevant time, all in their most comfortable environments. Over the years this has turned from merely producing engaging Facebook posts, enticing tweets and pretty pictures, to the strategic implementation of the multiple service offerings available to us as advertisers on social platforms. We also maintain close relationships with these networks’ account managers, so are constantly receiving valuable insights into best practices, new product releases and any other tips that we can eagerly share with our clients.


Then it comes to digital display expertise, we have an enviable array of experience at our disposal. With a vast knowledge of the industry and a complete disdain for complacency, our team will ensure that you’re not just getting a great cost-per click, but a great cost-per quality click to boot. From our digitally born e-commerce clients to high-end house builders of the more “old dog new tricks” persuasion, we strive to successfully position our beloved brands in all the right places across the net. Fortunately we’re able to show the ROI to prove it.


If they’re not clocking up their rep count in the gym, our design and development team are putting image first and working under the hood to create some pretty astonishing pieces of kit, built bespoke to exceed client expectations. From apps that collate image shares across multiple social channels, to company-branded interactive games, this pool of talent forms one of Space and Time’s vital organs.


Finally we come to the traditional lot; the legends of late space; the day-part dreamers, and those who’ll stick your ad on the best billboards around. This is where it all began and remains the reason we’re so proud of our industry reputation. The relationships that we’ve built, the press that we’ve bought, and the confidence that we’ve instilled, has afforded us the ability to incorporate all of the above faculties into one fully integrated media powerhouse.

At Space and Time, the rapid media schedule evolution hasn’t only resulted in larger excel files and an increased demand for bigger screens in the office, but also in a culture that thrives on working in unison to solve certain challenges that all channels face in one way or another. We don’t employ it because it’s old and trusted and we don’t employ it because it’s new and flash. We employ it because it’s the correct solution and it works. Sure, we got excited when QR Codes tried to set the world alight, but it didn’t mean we slapped the digital dots on every piece of print we put out. And when LinkedIn opened up to advertisers, we quickly found that some clients didn’t take to it. We moved on. We pride ourselves on smarter media buying, because everyone in this place sleeps a lot sounder at night with a successful campaign under their belt.

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