400% rise of video viewing on mobile devices

400% rise of video viewing on mobile devices

A new report by Ooyala has found that viewing of video content on mobile devices has more than doubled over the past 12 months. The mobile device and especially tablet through major home wi-fi use has accelerated and sees no sign of plateauing.

In the previous 2 years the rise has been over 400% with mobile gadgets accounting for 27% of total online videos viewed worldwide.

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Short form video was the most popular accounting for 38% of views on tablet and even more on smartphones. The sweet spot for length was between one and three minutes, however longer videos of more than 10 mins made up the greatest share of viewing.

The larger the screen the longer they watched, so by highest percentage on device viewing they were in the following order connected TVs, tablets, desktops and smart mobile phones.

Space & Time’s overview of hundreds of websites is showing almost 50% share of site browsing on wireless devices, with iOS being the best converting for ecommerce clients and tablets outperforming smartphones for conversion, but mobile wins for sheer numbers.

Not only is a responsive website the way forward, design must now think about how users interact with a tablet screen and the simpler the navigation the more time they’ll spend on site. Video is becoming more widely used to explain and sell and enhance the experience for those users.

Video ad formats are now supported across so many websites and social platforms and the price to market has dropped significantly in the past 24 months.

What hasn’t happened yet is a major move from desktop display advertising to mobile, but mobile ad revenues are racing ahead without any prohibitive cost to advertisers. There are still greater reporting issues and tracking problems via mobile over desktop, but this is expected with the influx of new technology and the myriad of devices coming to market and once the issues are understood pose less a barrier to use by advertisers and agencies alike.

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