100s of new Top Level Domain (TLD) names to be released in 2014

100s of new Top Level Domain (TLD) names to be released in 2014

100s of new Top Level Domain (TLD) names are to be released in 2014 and here’s a quick summary of the important information one will need to know in deciding if they are worth the investment or not.TLD image

Throughout 2013 1900 applications were received for new extensions from the mundane to the bizarre for example .london and .ninja. These were whittled down to 600 and we have been able to identify a few hundred which will be released in batches this year.

It is important to note that .com, (country specific) .co.uk and .org will still outrank these domain names on major search engines (if they are using best SEO practices), so although they look great they are not absolute must-haves.

No doubt a few companies will have their names or services hijacked by cyber squatters, but it’s also worth sometimes acquiring these new domain name extensions for future use even though the reason to do so is not currently apparent to stop this from happening.

They can be used in conjunction with currently used domain names, redirecting to a main site, or as new microsites or campaign sites (for easier reading on press/poster/signage work).

There are 3 phases if you wish to buy them:  Sunrise, Land Rush and General Availability.

Each new TLD will go through a mandatory Sunrise phase, which means that only those with trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse can apply. After Sunrise, new domains may enter additional phases i.e. Land Rush where an auction style or closed but premium bid period happens, before they reach General Availability, when anyone can apply.

For the Property industry there are a few which might be of interest:

“.homes, .home, .properties, .property, .apartments, .forsale, .realestate, .sale, .site, .services, .app, .place, .rent, .rentals, .loans, .finance, .buy”

For Retail these are:

“.shop, .shopping, .forsale, .app, .buy, .sale, .deal, .deals, .bargains, .help, .finance, .loans, .reviews”

For Health these are:

“.pharmacy, .health, .healthcare, .hospital, .dentist, .dental, .doctor, .physio, .rehab, .surgery, .hiv, .vet, .care, .app”

The new domains offer greater choice and interesting opportunities for clients.

It is not imperative that they buy them, or indeed so many of them, but where a company, product or service name clashes with others’ worldwide then it is probably worth securing them before another party does.

The normal cost for these will depend on who you buy your domain names through, so shop around if you can for the best price.

Finally in the Land Rush phase certain short form domain names like New.Homes will be auctioned to the highest bidder and it is possible that the sale price will be 5-6 figures in size!

To learn more, the full list of TLDs and associated release dates please contact hello@spaceandtime.co.uk


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