10 social media platforms and counting

10 social media platforms and counting

Space & Time loves being social and there are a huge amount of social media sites and apps in the market today, with more appearing every week. We use at least 10 mobile and desktop social solutions for all manner of reasons.

Here we’re always looking at the new and sorting the wheat from the chaff, and we have our favourites of course, you’ll find their logos dotted around our website, please do click and enjoy them, but one that really catches our eye and we love using for the clients  we manage their social for is Everlapse.

space and time media social profiles

It’s a great crowd solution, harnessing that power to generate centrally themed flipbooks of shared content that can tell stories, create animation, inform and delight.

It originally had a very handy moderation part to it, but the second update took that away which damages its use a little for some brands, but it’s still one of our top apps of the year to keep an eye on and of course we have our own profile here SPACE & TIME on EVERLAPSE


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