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Innovative ideas for your needs

We are tech curators

We are always finding new things as early adopters, landscaping the future, challenging the status quo, embracing and humanising innovation, and searching for the latest inventions.

Here we unveil opportunities that give us that first-mover advantage journeying to new places when it fits the brief and shapes the media strategy in the right direction.


The new normal

What’s ‘out there’ today will be the new ‘normal’ tomorrow.

Communications used to be about simply delivering a message to your audience, but the game has changed considerably in recent times.

Now it’s about delivering a consistent experience throughout the customer journey, regardless of physical location or device. This is the new ‘normal’, today. Constantly evolving, consumer buying patterns are shifting drastically as a result.

Space Lab ensures we’re never uncomfortable with uncertainty.

Considered to be matchmakers for our clients, living on the edge of the latest and greatest this team has its ears and eyes attuned to future dimensions.

For example, chatbots are all the rage today, but our team developed the first chatbots for our clients five years ago. Last year, the development of a voice product for one of our clients using Alexa as a medium. Building on possibilities and probabilities this team will keep you posted and push you to the edge of reason.

What does the future of advertising look like?

How and when will we be serving personalised posters to consumers?

What role can advertising play in virtual reality and augmented reality platforms?

We keep pace with all these movements and help us and our clients stay abreast of the latest developments. Different and sometimes a bit daring, we aim to give brands that edge.


Innovation in a media agency can easily be misunderstood

It’s not about using new tools, channels, platforms and technologies just because they are new. Or simply following inventions for the sake of it, but rather realising the opportunity to pursue progress as a pioneering brand.

We admit not all innovations will be adopted by the mass market.

Sometimes an initiative is simply a dynamic partnership where we add different elements up in a new and exciting way. Or it’s the mashup of a diverse team that is geographically dispersed bringing a new flavour to the foreground.

Most of all this team is about creating a culture where we encourage education, generating futuristic ideas, developing processes, out-of-box solutions and upholding progress. We are constantly peering over the edge of the horizon with a mindset to choose the best to make advertising dynamic, memorable and effective.

We are integrated

Innovation is the future of your brand; how it’s communicated, remembered, respected and loved. It is If we don’t have the expertise on hand, we know where to find it because we work with some of the best in the business.

Space Lab does not work in a silo.

Turn ingenious ideas into incredible reality

Advertising works best when it stands out, is memorable, and thoughtful. This happens when it is brought to life in innovative ways that make people feel an emotive connection with a brand that propels them to share.

But to come up with something like that, we need to embrace failure. We can’t always make the magic happen with so many unknown variables. We’re only human. It’s a price we pay for challenging convention.

After all, innovation is not a gimmick, and we are very transparent about it.

Our Space Lab is here to show you that innovation isn’t scary. We have knowledge across a breadth of solutions and tools, hardware and software which we love to share. The important thing to understand is that both the agency and advertiser need to stay relevant in an ever-changing world where innovation should be the norm.

Space Lab Services

We can help you turn complexity into simple understanding and create amazing innovative media.

We are constantly exploring the best of the brave new world of:

  • Voice assistants
  • Mixed/augmented/virtual reality
  • 360-degree imagery and film
  • Hologram signage
  • Liquid image printing
  • Smart touch panels
  • Chatbots and AI
  • Wearable technology

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