New Facebook Feature – Automated Rules

In typical Facebook fashion, a brand new feature has made its way under the radar.

But nothing gets past us for long, and this was picked up by one of our Social Media Executives last week.

It’s called ‘automated rules’ and allows us to set up alerts if certain pre-determined campaign metrics aren’t met.

This is a great new feature for us here at Space & Time, as we deal with multiple campaigns and advert sets on […]

Have you spotted this new Facebook feature?

While optimising one of my clients’ Facebook campaigns yesterday afternoon I chanced upon what appeared to be a brand new feature.

On the face of it, it looks like a 5-point grading system to help better understand your targeting options but, as with all new Facebook features, my first point of call was to scan the website for any blog updates. I couldn’t find any. Even Facebook advertising guru Jon Loomer hasn’t mentioned it (from what I […]

Shop The Look – Google search by outfit

Fashion inspiration is increasingly being driven by recommendation across social networks, with buyers looking on Instagram, Pinterest and fashion blogs for the latest must-have accessory or collection. Google has struggled to capitalise on this growing trend in terms of Adwords paid search – until now. The search giant is launching ‘Shop The Look’ in the US, a service that pulls items from the aforementioned social channels into the top of search queries – accompanied […]

Instagram updates you need to know about

I’m not ashamed to admit that a highlight of my working day is when a new social media update appears in my inbox. As soon as I read it, I start to think about how I can apply this new feature to improve my client campaigns.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of updates to arguably one of my favourite social media channels – Instagram. I like to say I was an early adopter and […]

Appy Mums (and how to reach them)

Millennials have recently become one of the largest social demographics in the world – overtaking baby boomers – and are expected to make up half the global workforce by 2020.

Women aged 18-34 now make up the majority (75%) of new mums. Having grown up online, this audience is very familiar with rapidly evolving forms of technology and communication, and is constantly connected to an increasing number of devices. Like many in their peer group, […]

Facebook update their ‘Offers’ advert objective

Facebook is updating how advertisers offer discounts to users while making it far easier for users to keep track of them.

Facebook announced yesterday that it is to launch an updated ‘Offers’ advert objective. The newly refreshed ‘Offers’ tool has been designed to make it easier for advertisers to reach people who are likely to take up an offer while also giving the user a ‘store and save’ facility that reminds them which offers they […]

Promoted #Stickers now live in the UK

Brands will be able to design four or eight stickers to drive awareness and interaction.

Twitter have announced a new opportunity for advertisers, with the launch of the new Promoted #Stickers tool, which will allow brands to create and promote custom stickers for anyone on Twitter to use. A brand’s stickers will offer Twitter users a form of creative expression that makes their photos more fun and engaging. To the advertiser they offer the chance to drive […]

Space & Time Media Edinburgh is 10 years old!!

Another week, another exciting milestone in the history of the agency – it is now 10 years since Space & Time Media opened its doors in Scotland’s capital!

The office was set up in August 2006 under the stewardship of Melina Leppard (nee Littlewood) and in the years since we opened we’ve forged some fantastic partnerships with suppliers and clients – long-standing and new alike. We’ve continued to grow the business year on year, including […]

Hairy Bikers Diet Club Appoints Space & Time Media to Handle Paid Search and Social

Space & Time Media Ltd is delighted to announce its recent appointment by Accordant Partners to the Hairy Bikers Diet Club account.

The Hairy Bikers gained considerable support throughout their dieting journey, and as a result they have created the Hairy Bikers Diet Club to support their fans who still adore food but wish to lose weight. The Diet Club offers advice, recipes and exercise plans, all designed to promote weight loss, while also helping […]

Gaining additional value from that hard-earned traffic

Space and Time Media are pleased to announce the offering of a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) service. A dedicated team will make sure you are given all the tools you need to understand how your website works, and assist in improving the usability of the site for your customers. You and your customer are going to travel a long way together, and we want to ensure that your website achieves what you have set […]