Blogger Outreach – Mustela Case Study

The power to publish is distributed with abandon across the modern digital space; today’s digital natives have never known a world wherein the capacity to share knowledge and opinion is controlled en masse by newspaper magnates or broadcasting groups. Over the last couple of decades there has instead been a shift in focus, with the emerging heights of the communications industry interested solely in providing a platform that allows user-generated content to flourish, and […]

Social Media Management Workshop

While many brands have been able to get their head around the uses and purpose of paid social, even some of the biggest struggle to manage their social media channels effectively – mainly because they don’t differentiate between their paid social strategy and that of their social channels.

Our experience in managing social media channels and paid social for a range of clients means that channel specialists at Space and Time are in a great […]

Space and Time Media Appoints Dan Hughes as Head of Programmatic


Space and Time Media has appointed Dan Hughes as the new Head of Programmatic to enhance the agency’s offering.

In this newly created role, Hughes will oversee the operations of the agency’s programmatic trade desk while ensuring that a robust strategy for the proper use of this technology is employed across Space and Time’s regional offices, new business proposition and ongoing client relationships.

Hughes has extensive experience in the programmatic space, with a proven track […]

When the portal isn’t the marketplace: overused first-party data and the function of the media agency in a vertical market

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a media owner in possession of a targeted, opted in and responsive audience must be in want of your cash. And if that audience is finite, as most are, and if ambitions for revenue growth are not, as most are not, then it follows that the same audience will be leveraged in several different ways. Understandably, this will suit the commercial interests of the media owner but […]

Space and Time Media Appointed by Parkinson’s UK

Space & Time Media has been appointed by Parkinson’s UK to handle online media planning and buying activity to support and promote the charity’s annual Parkinson’s Awareness Week.

This year the week, which runs from 10 -16 April, coincides with the 200th anniversary of the publication of James Parkinson’s short study ‘Essay on the Shaking Palsy’, which established what we now know as Parkinson’s as a medical condition.

A new campaign – ‘We Won’t Wait’ – […]

Facebook: Inspiring Shoppers to Purchase with a Collection

Back in November 2016 Facebook announced the launch of the ‘Collection’ ad format, which is now available globally to all brands, large and small.

Adidas were one of the first to use the ad unit and they saw a substantial decrease in their cost per conversion and over 500% increase in their return on ad spend. We’ve noticed other brands such as Marks & Spencer, Mulberry and all using this ad format in the […]

Space and Time Media Agency Event in Edinburgh

We were delighted to hold the first ever Space & Time Media event in Edinburgh on 21st February. The event, entitled ‘Search, social and CRO: Smarter digital marketing for property professionals’ was held in the G&V Hotel on the capital’s George IV Bridge and saw 30 guests (including attendees from the developer sector, estate agents and fellow agency practitioners) gather for breakfast, networking and the chance to gain some valuable insights from the agency’s […]

All-round experts Our planners and account handlers are experienced in all disciplines and operate across all media. In addition to our specialists in every discipline, this ensures that you get the integrated campaign that you need.

When is an ad not an ad?

There are plenty of answers to this question, but in the context of online advertising, the answer lies with the delightfully named bots, non-human traffic and ghost websites.

As advertising networks (like Google) introduced revenue sharing for host websites that carry programmatically bought ads, inevitably fraud began to creep in.

Except it has not so much crept in as bounded in at full pelt: the current estimate is that c.$7.2bn per year is being wasted by […]

An afternoon ‘on the audit’ at ABC Interaction 2017

Arriving at a lovely building on the Thames we were greeted, given the obligatory lanyard and sent to mingle, which no one does at the start of any seminar. A few awkward minutes of checking phones later, and we were – mercifully – all invited through to the auditorium.

I wasn’t sure what the event was all about, other than the obvious industry standard ABC audits. Fortunately, we were introduced to the afternoon by Derek […]