Live from Google Premier Partner Summit 2017 in New York

Consumers expect things easily and effortlessly
Rising expectations mean brands need to market at the speed of the consumer
Machine learning and AI will be a powerful tool for marketers

Space & Time directors Steve Harrington and Justin Stracey were among 1,000 digital marketing professionals from 63 different countries who attended a Google conference in New York on 28th September. Senior Google leaders shared insights into new digital trends, consumer insights and […]

Are you using Google’s Machine Learning to its best advantage?



Google Insight: How Is AI Impacting on Paid Search?

As a Google Premier Partner Agency we were recently invited to attend an event at Google Dublin, at which a range of speakers from Google and its external partners held forth on the subject of machine learning and its growing impact on the areas of analytics, insight and attribution. This field has long been vitally relevant to paid search and the wider online advertising industry, and […]

Space and Time Media Creates Comms Role


For the first time in its seventeen-year history, media independent Space and Time Media has created an in-house marketing role. Designed to develop the agency’s offering to potential new clients, the position also has responsibility for internal communications and formalising training and development for its 84-strong team across five UK office locations.

The new position has been filled by IDM marketing evangelist Lesley Hickmott, whose experience spans consultancy, client-side work and an extensive media […]

Space and Time Media Continues to Grow with Four Senior Appointments

Space and Time Media continues to grow apace with the creation of three further senior positions across its network of offices and the appointment of a new main board Director.

Laura Mouratsing joins Space and Time having previously worked with out-of-home specialist Kinetic Worldwide, where she was imbedded in the Mindshare business and worked across a number of brands including Ford, Tesco, Vodafone and Warner Bros. Laura will spend much of her time between the […]

Caffè Nero appoint Space & Time Media to raise organic awareness and help deliver their recruitment and product launch campaigns

European-style coffee house brand Caffè Nero have appointed Space & Time Media to raise their organic awareness and help drive their recruitment and new product launch campaigns – via SEO, paid search, social, and online display.

The brand has a growing presence in Europe and the USA, and over 600 outlets in the UK, offering handcrafted traditional Italian coffee drinks and light dishes.

Toni Popova, Digital Brand Manager, believes the appointment of Space & Time […]

Programmatic – Everything you ever wanted to know about header bidding

What you need to know as an advertiser

Header bidding started life to circumvent the waterfall process (more about that later). It’s given publishers a fantastic opportunity to maximise their revenue from their own inventory, and as an agency it gives us a breadth of choice in how we can buy inventory programmatically.

What is header bidding?

It’s a technique whereby publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before deciding on the winning bid. This means […]

Optimising for ‘Google for Jobs’

What is it?

Google recently launched their new Job search function in the US which will shake up the world of online recruitment and Search Engine Optimisation for recruitment.

When searching for a job, instead of Google showing normal organic listings or Paid ads first, now Google will present you with what it thinks are the best jobs for you and your search query. It is not yet live in the UK, however optimising for this […]

Blogger Outreach – Mustela Case Study

The power to publish is distributed with abandon across the modern digital space; today’s digital natives have never known a world wherein the capacity to share knowledge and opinion is controlled en masse by newspaper magnates or broadcasting groups. Over the last couple of decades there has instead been a shift in focus, with the emerging heights of the communications industry interested solely in providing a platform that allows user-generated content to flourish, and […]

Social Media Management Workshop

While many brands have been able to get their head around the uses and purpose of paid social, even some of the biggest struggle to manage their social media channels effectively – mainly because they don’t differentiate between their paid social strategy and that of their social channels.

Our experience in managing social media channels and paid social for a range of clients means that channel specialists at Space and Time are in a great […]

Space and Time Media Appoints Dan Hughes as Head of Programmatic


Space and Time Media has appointed Dan Hughes as the new Head of Programmatic to enhance the agency’s offering.

In this newly created role, Hughes will oversee the operations of the agency’s programmatic trade desk while ensuring that a robust strategy for the proper use of this technology is employed across Space and Time’s regional offices, new business proposition and ongoing client relationships.

Hughes has extensive experience in the programmatic space, with a proven track […]